Interview: Ex-PL Referee Keith Hackett

Referees are the most scrutinised group of people in football. Keegan chats to former Premier League referee and ex-General Manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), Keith Hackett, about his experiences and his thoughts on the current state of play with officials.

The introduction of VAR has added an extra layer of controversy to what was already a difficult job. What impact does Keith think VAR has had, and is it being applied in the way it was intended?

Newcastle have been on the receiving end of some shambolic decisions involving VAR this season. What did Keith make of the Willock incident against Palace and, of course, Elliott Anderson’s disallowed goal at Forest?

Keith also tells us a bit about the considerations and preparations referees make for each game, and shares his views on what makes a good referee.

Compelling listening from a true veteran of the craft!