What have the new owners ever done for us?

Monty Python’s “What have the Romans ever done for us?” sketch from “Life of Brian”

Tracking the work of the new owners in their quest to turn NUFC in to a global footballing powerhouse.

Key Appointments

9/11/21Eddie Howe Head Coach and coaching staff  Jason Tindall, Stephen Purches, Simon Weatherstone, Dan Hodges (sports science)
14/12/21Mark Leyland Coach Analyst 
2/5/22Liam Mason Lead Sports Scientist
11/2/22Dave Galley Physiotherapist
13/5/22Majed Al Sorour Director 
6/6/22Dan Ashworth Director of Football
22/7/22John Devine Club legal counsel 
22/8/22Darren Eales CEO
Dates of key appointments

Club Improvements

20/10/21Bruce sacked
Dec 21Player Warm Up/Activation area at St James Park home change rooms
8/12/21Sports Direct signs taken down
15/3/22Shearer’s Bar returned
17/5/22Alan Shearer statue back on club ground
May – July 22– Training ground renovated. 
– Cosmetic improvements on the outside and inside of St James Park. 
– Family area refurbished. 
– Safe standing area installed for opposition fans on level 7. 
– More open and transparent dialogue between the club and fans. 
– Positive increase in social media activity
– Return of fan group Wor Flags for every home game with the biggest displays in the country
Dates of key club improvements

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Born and Bred in Geelong, Victoria, Keegan has family roots in the North East and supported Newcastle and the Geelong Cats his whole life.

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